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Austin Texas


James Kitchen

I began as a member of CAWCG & NWCCA. I was self taught and learned much about American pocket watch repair when I befriended Thera Nance a watchmaker who repaired watches from a mobile home off of 290 west. I looked for parts at NWCCA marts and solicited work from local antique malls and recieved work from local ads and placed mail order repair ads in NWCCA magazine. When my job at the State of Texas ended after 20 years
With disability retirement, one of the shops I did work for hired me full time.
I went ahead and received my Certified Clockmaker certificate in 1997.  As well I received certificates in American Pocket Watch Repair, Atmos Repair, and 400 day Clock Repair from courses brought to Austin by AWCI. We also displayed my membership certificate with Texas Watchmakers Association in the shop. I repaired any clock and American made mechanical watch.
I also replaced batterys, crystals, repaired bands and replaced or repaired movements in quartz watches. I am retired now but still keep my Certified Clockmaker status active with AWCI.

Glen Morehead

I have been a Guild member since 2009 and I am the current president, two years so far.  I was the former vice-president for four years.  I do both clocks and watches.  Mostly watches, simply because that's what comes in and it's nearly all vintage and antique stuff. I got into this because I've always worked on mechanical systems.  Timepieces are challenging because of their scale.  Started for real in 2009,  though I've been taking clocks apart for 57 years and watches for 53 years.  I'm a professional, but as a side job for now.  As soon as I can retire this will be my mad-money income source.
No certifications.  Self-taught, except for Guild classes and a bit of help from members.


Jay Holloway

I am interested in clocks but appreciate watches too. I am a Professional clock repairer and an avid collector. I have multiple class certifications in clocks and apprenticeship with master clockmaker. I am the CAWCG - Secretary, NAWCC - Chapter VP, Chapter President, NAWCC BOD, BOD Secretary, BOD Vice Chair. As a child I liked clocks but could not afford one. I purchased my 1st right after I got married, it was a Grandfather clock. After that we purchased clocks as we could afford them.


Gene Galbraith
Five Year Apprenticeship in Clock Repair.
Past President of NAWCC Chapter 15.
Mulholland Award.
Founder and President of the Southwest Museum of Clocks & Watches.
Award for Excellence in Museums, Texas Historical Commission.
Texas Historical Commission Recognition for Tower Clock Restoration.
Bachelors Degree in Music Education, University of Texas.
Taught Choral Music at Crockett High School, Austin Independent Schools.
Conducted Four European Concert Tours.
Musical Director Austin Civic Chorus 23 years.
Became a Member of the Horological Arts Society and collected clocks for West Mary Antiques. My favorite timepiece is the P. T. Barnum Clock Organ, circa 1850, now exhibited in the SW Museum of Clocks & Watches, Lockhart, Texas.


Terry Waldron

I am principally interested in watches. I started when my father passed on a few non-functioning watches that were once my grandfather's. I started by restoring an Embe - no jewels and extremely simple - much like a dollar watch. I see myself as a hobbyist working to be a self-employed professional. A great deal of my training has been through books, videos and Guild sponsored training classes. I had the good fortune of having many Guild members mentor me and I help me be selective in buy tools and starting a personal library. There's is also a wonderful Guild library that I've used too.  And, I've also watched a good number of youtube videos - to be honestly, there are some really good ones.  I was recently voted to be the Guild VP for 2018, I feel it's an honor.


Dennis Warner

I have been in watchmaking since 1964 when he graduated from Bowman Technical School,  Lancaster, PA. I've been active in several local guilds: Maryland, Springfield, MO, Austin, TX and NAWCC. I have served as president in Maryland, Springfield and Austin as a member those AWCI Affiliate Chapters. Two terms were served as president of The American Watchmakers / Clockmakers Institute (2006-2007). I have been the watchmaker at Russell Korman Fine Jewelry since Sept. 1999.  "It is my goal to stay active in Horology for as long as I can."


Ray and Shirley Allard

Our interests are in both watches and Clocks with a special interest alarm clocks.  We see ourselves as hobbyist who have been mostly self taught and have taken many of Guild classes. We started watch and clock repair in 1992 just after Ray retired as mechanic from the instrumentation department in a large manufacturing company.


Rob Putney

I have always been interested in watches and clocks.  My primary interest is watches and I specializes in Swiss quartz.  I started as a hobbyist, but now it is more than a hobby as I formed an LLC (In His Time) in 2015 and focuses mainly on quartz watch repair and restoration.   As a member I have  taken almost every watch and clock class offered by the Guild in the past 15 years.  My college degrees are in electrical engineering and business management & leadership.  I have served as CAWCG President and Vice President for 9 years. I was voted the 2017 Mulholland Award winner.


Michael Webb

Clocks are my main interest, although I do dabble a little with watches.  Also I am interested in, and know a bit about, horological tooling and techniques.  Best summed up by the fact that I will repair other people's clock, but only work on my own watches.  If you have questions about horological tooling I might could help.

I have never done this as a main source of income, but will do repairs for the public as time allows. 

I have taken many courses offered by AWCI in the past and have learned from some very talented folks in the Guild through the years.  I have been very fortunate
to have been trained by some really excellent instructors.

Past titles with CAWCG would be Secretary, Vice President, President, and then Secretary one more time.  I am an "Old Timer" with NAWCC - if you live long enough you can be one too.

My Dad got me started with clocks, he took up collecting and repair when he retired.  The Guild was key to me getting trained through Guild classes and bringing many AWCI Classes to Austin back when they were more affordable.

I like repairing clocks best.  I have also always been intrigued with horological tools, there are many special purpose ones made and some of them are actually very useful. 

I am attaching a recent photo, it does look like me, but since it is a passport photo I was not allowed to smile.  I do smile sometimes.



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